Hi! I'm Dbutta!

Hi! I'm Dbutta and I like to Focus and Pump. F.A.P. for short.

Self deprecation and self defecation since 2019.

You can find me in The Drunken Elk guild on Zul'jin in World of Warcraft. I'm a paladin because I like pink and I like overdone transmog. I fangirl over B list celebrity wow players AMA.

Things I Can Do

I'm excellent at boping myself, but trust me, it's ok, because I do mad dps. Get on my level! Focus and Pump! YEAH.

  • Avenging Wrath
  • Wake of Ashes
  • Blade of Justice
  • Pee A Lot
  • Judgment
  • Crusader Strike

A Few Accomplishments

I hit 200k dps once. I also hit 1800 in 2's once.

Raid Milk

You don't know you need it, but Raid Milk is coming to Best Buys near you soon. It energizes and revitalizes!

I Sharted During Raid Once!

Shit happens. Literally. Look here!

My Dad!

My Dad is my Hero and My Best Friend

I love my dad. My dad's name is Zakimoto. He takes me on hikes. Here's a picture of us together. I love him and someday I want to be just like him and have a beard.

Thank you for coming to my website.

I'm working on my letters, here's my name: